[2021] Unstable Signal w/ Peter Van Hoesen, Peder Mannerfelt and more

Really excited to perform live with my new project Interplay Electro for the opening season event of Unstable Signal on Saturday the 11th of December 2021 at Temple Athens, along with very special guests, Peter Van Hoesen and Peder Mannerfelt. It is going to be a very different night consisting of two parts. In the first one there will be a presentation of the distinctive experimental abstraction of contemporary Techno and in the second one, dark and high quality Techno. The line up is also comprised of Kondaktor, the mastermind of the record label Modal Analysis and the man behind Fasma Festival and Bloom, Kawrs Djs, (Simos Ares & Neda) which participate and support in a variety of independent events and projects of the Greek underground scene and GRΞTA a new resident of Unstable Signal as well as a resident of the infamous Qreclaim parties and a founding member of the Waiting Room Project. See you on the dancefloor!!

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