[2019]Clubnight: The Hacker, DJ Stingray, Drew McDowall + more

Really excited to participate, along with the 3 legends of Electronic music The Hacker, DJ Stingray and Drew McDowall to a 12 hour music Marathon on the 2nd of November at Temple Athens. I will also meet my brother and great drummer Chris Silver T and my friend and very experienced DJ Mavridis on the same stage. MBasix & Chris Silver T a.k.a. Interplay Electro is our new project synonymous to abstract experimental and industrial perception of Electronic music. I’ m very happy that our new stuff is going to be presented for the first time at my favourite and beloved club Temple Athens in that very special event, sharing the same stage with the 3 legends The Hacker, DJ Stingray and Drew McDowall and my very good friends Chris Silver T and Mavridis. Unstable Signal, 3 Shades of Black and Temple Athens will present that huge event. Hope to see you there.

[2019] MBasix on his live performance for Unstable Signal presents James Ruskin at Temple Athens (2nd day club opening)

I really have no words to say about the first Unstable Signal night of the season last Saturday at my favourite venue Temple Athens for the season club opening. Great vibes, top party!!
I just want to thank everyone who got involved. Firstly all the artists for their amazing music, Ayshel for her nice debut at Temple Athens, the master James Ruskin – BlueprintRecords for his fantastic DJ set and generally for his presence here in Athens and my very good friend Morah for his amazing performance.
Big thanks to the Temple Athens crew for assisting us in everything we needed, to Unstable Signal for making this party a reality and to the people for attending for about 12 hours making this party unforgettable
Thank you all and see you soon.

MBasix on his live performance at Temple Athens for Unstable Signal w/SHXCXCHCXSH

Last Saturday’s event Unstable Signal w/ SHXCXCHCXSH on the 20th of April at Temple Athens, was an amazing one. What a night! Sure one of those that I will always remember for the great vibes and for sharing the same stage playing live with some great artists such as SHXCXCHCXSH , DΛS and KATRΑ. Big thanks to Unstable Signal for organizing and make that event happened, to SHXCXCHCXSH for their fantastic 2 hour live set, to Pi Electronics residents DΛS and KATRA for their great music, to Temple Athens crew for its assistance and of course to the people for dancing on the dancefloor until the sun came up. See you around soon!

[2019] MBasix on his live performance with Ancient Methods at Temple Athens

Last Friday the 8th of March was a great one.The first collaboration of Unstable Signal with Pi Electronics at Temple Athens with Ancient Methods will be unforgettable. Big thanks to Unstable Signal and Pi Electronics for inviting me to play and for the perfect organization, to Ancient Methods for his amazing DJ set, 3.14 for his great closing, Rigas for his atmospheric opening, the Temple Athens crew for helping us in everything we needed and of course to the people for the great vibes.