June 3              2020  Athens, GR / Clubstream ~ Jerm // MBasix                      Temple   Athens Donation

April  4           2020  Athens, GR / Unstable Signal with Peter Van Hoesen   Temple Athens Tickets    

February   1    2020 Athens, GR / Unstable Signal with Shxcxchcxsh                    Temple Athens   Tickets

December 24  2019 Athens, GR/ Unstable Signal with Shifted and Charlton

on Christmas Eve                                                                                                                  Temple Athens  Tickets

November 2  2019  Athens, GR/ Clubnight : The Hacker, DJ Stingray,

Drew Mc Dowall + more                                                                                                   Temple Athens Tickets 

September 28  2019    Athens, GR/ Temple Club Opening – Year 3:

James Ruskin & more | 27 & 28.9.19                                                                                 Temple Athens       Tickets

April        20    2019    Athens, GR/ Unstable Signal w/ Shxcxchcxsh                         Temple Athens        Tickets

March      8   2019    Athens, GR/ Unstable Signal meets π, w/Ancient Methods   Temple Athens       Tickets

March      2   2019    Berlin, De/ Unstable Signal X Habeat Records                            About Blank           Tickets

October   5   2018   Berlin, De/ Π 38                                                                                     Ohm Berlin              Tickets

June       16    2018   Athens, GR/ Unstable Signal Premier                                           Temple Athens        Tickets

December 2  2017  Athens, GR/   Clubnight at Temple                                                 Temple Athens        Tickets

October 27  2016  Athens, GR/ Π10 with Mareena, MBasix, Nemmett & DΛS        Astron Bar              Tickets

June       10   2016   Berlin, DE / Liber Null Trinity with Modal Analysis and Nullam Rem Natam

Arena Club Tickets

July      25  2015  Karystos, GR/ Bloom 2015 Summer Beach Party 25/26 JULY       Potami                     Tickets

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