[2019] MBasix on his live performance at Temple Athens for Unstable Signal w/SHXCXCHCXSH

Last Saturday’s event Unstable Signal w/ SHXCXCHCXSH on the 20th of April at Temple Athens, was an amazing one. What a night! Sure one of those that I will always remember for the great vibes and for sharing the same stage playing live with some great artists such as SHXCXCHCXSH , DΛS and KATRΑ. Big thanks to Unstable Signal for organizing and make that event happened, to SHXCXCHCXSH for their fantastic 2 hour live set, to Pi Electronics residents DΛS and KATRA for their great music, to Temple Athens crew for its assistance and of course to the people for dancing on the dancefloor until the sun came up. See you around soon!

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